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Who we are

Manly Corso Pharmacy is a pharmacy on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches independently owned and operated by Aryan Shahabi-Sirjani BPharm(IndusPharm) ProfHons MSc(InfDis) FSHP AACPA.

Aryan is a Consultant Pharmacist, Senior Specialist in Infectious Diseases Pharmacy, and Director of Pharmacy at 9 hospitals in Sydney. Working alongside Aryan are a team of 20 pharmacists, interns pharmacists, student pharmacists, dispensary technicians and pharmacy assistants.

We are a proud network partner of TerryWhite Chemmart.



There are over 26 million Australians and we believe each one of them deserves to lead the healthiest life possible. From first breaths to golden years, all Australians – our fathers, mothers, grandparents, sons and daughters – deserve to have a committed, caring health partner by their side every step of the way.

That’s 26 million reasons for us to get up in the morning; 26 million reasons for our health professionals to tailor personalised solutions to meet individual customer needs. That’s how we give every Australian the best chance of being as healthy and full of life as humanly possible.

Dedicated to Care

At TerryWhite Chemmart, we understand how different and varied everyone’s health needs are. It's why for over 60 years, our Pharmacists have taken the time to ask the right questions, to anticipate what's needed to deliver the right care at the right time.

Care means quick and easy fixes or deeper consultations in the privacy of our Care Clinics. It’s our myTWC app, providing a convenient and safe way to fill eScripts and manage medications. Care is also looking after your budget, with Real Deals on your favourite brands and our extensive TerryWhite Chemmart range of products formulated to the highest quality.

At TerryWhite Chemmart, you will find expert advice and care you won’t find anywhere else.

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