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At Manly Corso Pharmacy, we believe in empowering our patients with their prescriptions and making sure you can improve your health to the greatest extent by taking the right medication, at the right time, with the right education and resources to make it safe and effective.

Access to many modern-day medication can be difficult and frustrating and we hope to take out the stress. Our pharmacists are trained and equipped in the latest medications 

If you have an eScript, you can send it ahead for us to prepare.

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Medicinal Cannabis

Manly Corso Pharmacy has access to all suppliers and brands of medicinal cannabis products your doctor may prescribe. This is an easy and efficient process, and we can have it to you quickly.


and IVF

Our pharmacists are experienced in fertility and IVF medicines, and will be your partner on this journey. We can facilitate the supply, storage, education and disposal of all of these medicines.

Fertility Egg Freezing
Image by National Cancer Institute

Palliative Care

and Pain Medicine

Our pharmacists have training in palliative care medicines as we provide clinical pharmacy services to multiple palliative care units in Sydney. We are proud to keep most medicines on hand to ensure your loved ones are cared for comfortably and in a timely manner.


Medicines need to be individualised. Our partner compounding pharmacy can facilitate compounding of medicines appropriate to you based on your doctor's prescriptions. 

Chinese Medicine

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