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24 hour Hospital Pharmacy Line

02 9977 6397

Daily Order Cut Off 4PM

Discharge Request Cut Off 2PM

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Stopping the flu saves lives.

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Education and resources on medication safety is an essential component of health care services.

The Manly Corso Hospital Pharmacy service is proud to provide exclusive access to jacaranda, our pharmacist led education platform for medication safety and quality use of medicines, to health care facilities in our network.

All health care professional can also access the monthly jacaranda bulletin with important information and updates on medications, and the jacaranda alert with timely advice on medication access, shortages, discontinuation and recalls.

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The CUREAMS service provides prospective and retrospective antimicrobial surveillance, monitoring and reporting to our hospital services.

Antimicrobial stewardship is a critical component of hospital pharmacy services and ensures appropriate and judicious use of antimicrobials to preserve their utility in treating and preventing infectious diseases.

Our services

Manly Corso Hospital Pharmacy provides a comprehensive and complete clinical, logistical and administrative pharmacy service. 

Our pharmacy team prides itself on providing a complete clinical service which places the patient at the centre of the health care process. 

We are proud to consistently achieve 100% accreditation ratings from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, with nil recommendations at all of our sites. 

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